What is Patta Chitta 2024

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Patta Chitta – How to Apply Online, Check Tamil Nadu Land Records @ eservices.tn.gov.in

Patta Chitta: A legal document known as online patta is issued by the government of Tamil Nadu in the name of the owner of the real property. You can apply online or get it from the Tehsildar’s district office. Since 2015, all relevant data from these two sources have been consolidated into a single document available in a rented room.

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In Tamil Nadu, citizens can now check the Chittapatta, Adangal certificate online. Proof of residence, ration card, citizenship certificate and annual family income details. The seller needs a valid deed to obtain a clear title to the land.

After purchasing the land, he has to submit an application to the concerned taluk office for transfer of the lease to the buyer’s name.

Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta Details

NamePatta Chitta  
StateTamil Nadu
DepartmentDepartment of Revenue
 Official Website https://eservices.tn.gov.in/


What is Patta Chitta 2024

Patta: A piece of land’s revenue record is known as a patta. The government issuing it also goes by the name “Record of Rights” (ROR). The Patta contains information such as the Patta number, district, taluk, and village names, owner’s name, survey number, subdivision, wetland or dryland area, and tax information. 

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Chitta: A Chitta comprises details about the location, dimensions, and ownership of the property are included in this land revenue form. The village administration officer keeps track of these specifics, and both dry and wetland land types are mentioned.


Patta Chitta Objective

The digitalization of land records was undertaken by the Tamil Nadu government in 2015 to streamline online land record searches. The introduction of the e-services site made it possible for citizens to view their patta chitta online.


Online Details for the Patta Chitta Land Survey Number

  1. Name of the Owner
  2. Quantity of Patta
  3. Sub-division and survey number
  4. Name of the district, village and taluk of the owner
  5. Area or dimensions of the land
  6. Tax details of the owner
  7. Dry land or wetland details
  8. Chitta land ownership

Is Patta necessary for Tamil Nadu Land Registration?

Physical employment and ownership of real estate can be disclosed. But it may not be possible in a vacant land. So, in Tamil Nadu, you need a patta as proof that you legally own the land. Tamil Nadu became the third state after Kerala and Andhra Pradesh to recognize Chittapatta as proof of land ownership.

The state government intends to make tenancy mandatory by 2018 to reduce fraud and protect property registration. Currently, a title deed or parental deed of title to a property or land must be provided.

How can I use the mobile app to access Patta Chitta?

  1. Download the application: Users can download the Amma application from the Google Playstore (AMMA e-service of Land Records).
  2. On A-register, click. People can enter their district name and other information under this column to confirm a variety of items, including the land type, soil, prices per hectare, irrigation systems, and many other things.
  3. By entering the patta number or sub-division number of the pattadhar, Chitta-users can also obtain the pattadhar’s details. To create the results, one must select the “obtain information” option at the bottom of the form.

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Q.What is the time limit for Patta transfer?

Ans.The cases where involving Sub-division, shall be disposed within 30 days from the date of receipt of patta transfer application by the Tahsildars concerned.

Q.Will Patta change automatically after registration?

Ans.Pattas will be automatically transferred in the name of the buyer minutes after the lands are purchased through registration. The public need not apply separately for patta transfer or visit the Tahsildar office

Q.What is the fee for Patta transfer?

Ans.Rs 60/- per application


Patta Chitta – How to Apply Online, Check Tamil Nadu Land Records @ eservices.tn.gov.in
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